Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the concept for the OAFVC?

Northumberland County was part of a region-wide Local Food Business Retention and Expansion Survey (BR+E). This survey concluded with recommendations developed from the survey and the OAFVC was established from those recommendations. For more information, please follow this link: Link to History Page.

Do you have to be a farmer to use the facility?

No. Although the original concept for the OAFVC was geared towards the farming community, small and medium businesses are welcome at the facility as well. The Fruit and Vegetable Processing Room and the Commercial Kitchen are available for anyone who needs to value-add to their products. To see more, follow this link to the services page: Link to Services Page.

How can I book a room?

Anyone looking to book a room in the facility should follow these steps:
i) register for the website Link to Registration Page (an email will be sent within 48 hours of your registration. Within this email will be username and password)
ii) log in using: Link to Login Page
iii) Click Facility Schedule: Link to Facility Schedule
iv) Pick the area desired for production
v) Double check your date and times are not already booked in the facility schedule
vi) Click the “Book Facility” button at the top of your desired room schedule to request your date and time (we will get back to you within 48 hours)

Can anyone walk in to the facility and use a room?

No. You will need to have discussed with the Operations Manager the details of your product and goods before you can use the rooms. It is best to expect a minimum of 48 hours before being allowed onsite to do processing. This is also to ensure that room availability, staff, and general operations will not have conflicts for the day you wish to process.
To email contacts at the facility, please follow this link: Link to Contact Us Page.

What are the room prices?

To see the pricing page, follow this link: Link to Pricing Page. If you are looking to drop your product off at the OAFVC and have it processed by the OAFVC staff, you will need to keep in mind that there is a labour fee attached to the hours the employees work on your product. If you have any questions regarding the pricing of the facilities and various rooms, you are encouraged to contact us through email by following this link: Link to Contact Us Page.

Can I have a tour of the facility?

The answer is YES! We love to have new people through the facility and are very keen to make connections. Follow this link to book a tour: Link to Book a Tour Page.
Please note that if there is production scheduled on the day of your visit, some rooms may be off limits for proprietary reasons and you may be requested to wear sanitary clothing (provided by the OAFVC).

What is a Trial?

The trial included on our pricing list is a reduced price for someone new to the facility who wishes to test the processing capabilities at the OAFVC. This gives you the one time ability to see how your production output can be at the centre. This option is available only once to each new client who wishes to do processing, the price of $150.00 includes two staff for the day of processing to ensure that the trial production run goes smoothly and all equipment runs properly on your trial day. If you would like to learn more about our trial price and how you can get a trial, please email us by following this link: Link to Contact Us.

How can I find out about workshops?

If you would like to learn about our workshops, please signup for our e-newsletter where you will get notified when we host a workshop. Please follow this link: Link to e-Newsletter sign-up.

Can I bring my own staff to help me process?

Yes, please note that we will need proof of insurance and your coverage of your staff. If you wish instead to use our staff, we have multiple people available to help you process if you are willing to pay for their labour.

Can you help me with labelling or packaging?

Yes! We have a staff person who can do label design, if you would like to talk about label prices and access to his services, please email us by following this link: Link to Contact Us. We also have multiple packaging options available, please see our services page by following this link: Link to Services Page, or by emailing us by following this link: Link to Contact Us.

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