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NOW OPEN: Specialty Processing of Hops!

If you would like to book a space for your hops processing, please make sure to visit our registration page to get registered and login to the website to book through the Specialty Product Processing Area facility schedule

All hops must arrive dried for processing.  The OAFVC reserves the right to refuse product that does not meet our processing specifications.

If you have not already inquired about this space, be sure to do so today!

  • Our seasonal Hops Processing Area can be reserved by half-days and is priced at $150/half day or $240 for a full day
  • Our Packaging room is equipped to nitrogen flush and vacuum pack your product, and is priced at $100/half day or $180 for a full day
  • Our 5lb and 1lb Hops Bags are black foil and stand-up with a zipper pouch.
  • Our Freezer and Refrigerator can store pallets of packaged hops, and is priced at $40.00/pallet per month

If you would like more information, including our specifications for processing please email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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