All Processing Rooms are Available for Booking!

To access or use the various rooms in the OAFVC, please contact us by registering for the website and booking the required area through the facility schedule.

Please note - in order to do your own processing you must have an up-to-date Food Safety - Food Handler Course certificate. Please present your certificate to the OAFVC before entering the processing area. Labour fees may apply for any processing done by OAFVC employees.

Conference Room
Clients and community members to wish to use the facility for meeting, training or another event have access to a projector, sound system, wifi, and seating for approximately 30 people

Business Services
We offer access to the Food Handler Certification Course (with HKPRDHU), product development consulting, packaging development consulting, business development consulting, and shelf-study analysis of products. 

Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Our fruit and vegetable processing area is available for clients looking to wash, sanitize, hull, slice, dice, press, or dehydrate produce. Half-day rate of $150.00 and a full-day rate of $240.00.

Commercial Kitchen 
This room is available for clients looking to use a gas-range stove, double convection ovens, tilt skillet or tilt kettles, and a flash freezer. The room is available for a half-day rate of $150.00 and a full-day rate of $240.00.

Looking to use vacuum packaging, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), tamper-evident seals, heat-sealed pouches, and more? The room is available for a half-day rate of $100.00 and a full-day rate of $180.00.

Frozen Storage $40.00/pallet per month
Cold Storage $40.00/pallet per month
Dry Storage $30.00/pallet per month 
Tempering Storage $50.00/pallet per month

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