The OAFVC is a not-for-profit, small-batch food-processing facility.

Designed with farmers in mind, the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC) supports fresh fruit and vegetable value-adding opportunities to increase farm revenue. The facility also helps "foodies" with recipe development while staff work with food-processing start-up companies and expansions, in Ontario, to progress Research and Development, test batches, and to facilitate small-batch co-packing.

The OAFVC offers services including --

  • washing
  • cutting
  • quick chill
  • flash freeze
  • labelling
  • cold, frozen, and dry storage
  • fully equipped commercial kitchen
  • packaging
  • training facility
  • business incubation
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Our goals are simple:
By providing a facility where small/niche-batch processing and packaging of local fruits and vegetables is possible, the OAFVC aims to support and advance a sustainable regional local-food economy.

The facility is accompanied by the necessary infrastructure and support for value-added production, processing, and business services to existing and emerging businesses and organizations in our surrounding communities. By acting in partnership with supporting agencies, the OAFVC aims to enhance and educate individuals regarding food preparation and availability.

Create - Connect - Invent - Invest - Employ

Providing Ontario's food producers with the tools needed today, for agricultural and economic sustainability tomorrow.


  • Adapt to non-conventional client needs
  • Promote agricultural and economic sustainability
  • Food and technology innovation
  • Committed to connecting food producers to buyers
  • Public health and nutrition
  • Food-processing safety
  • Increasing freshness, seasonality, and authenticity of foods
  • Ethical production practices


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