In the autumn of 2016, the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre in Northumberland County will begin to offer a number of value-adding services designed to support the growing number of Craft Brewers, Artisan Distillers and Beverage Farmers in Eastern Ontario. Hops growers can bring dried hops to the OAFVC to be pelletized on site before being vacuum-packed or nitrogen-flushed in tear-resistant UV-blocking bags. Packaged hops can be branded and stored on site in a temperature controlled environment. 

Processing Room
Half day rate $150.00 
Full day rate $240.00

Pelletizer in and operating!

Packaging Room
Half day rate $100.00
Full day rate $180.00

Hops bags
2000 of the 5 lbs bags - Foil, stand up zipper pouch 13" x 16.5" BLACK  
500 of the 1 lbs bags - Foil, stand up zipper pouch 7.5" x 10.5" BLACK  

Hops bags price
1 lbs bag = $0.45/bag
5 lbs bag = $0.80/bag

Nitrogen Flush rate
1 lbs bag = $0.30/bag
5 lbs bag = $0.50/bag

Dry Storage rate 
$30.00/pallet per month

Frozen/Cold storage rate
$40.00/pallet per month

Labour rate

For Hops Processing please follow this link: Registration Form

*Please note that the trial day and trial price does not apply for Hops Processing*

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