All Processing Rooms are Available for Booking!

To access or use the various rooms in the OAFVC, please contact us by registering for the website and booking the required area through the...Read more

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To access or use the various rooms in the OAFVC, please contact us by registering for the website and booking the required area through the facility schedule.

Please note - in order to do your own processing you must have an up-to-date Food Safety - Food Handler Course certificate. Please present your certificate to the OAFVC before entering the processing area. Labour fees may apply for any processing done by OAFVC employees.

Business Services

  • Food Handler Certification Training (dual certificate between HKPR & OAFVC)
  • Product Development Consulting
  • Packaging Development Consulting
  • Business Development Consulting

Food Processing

  • Cold Pressing
  • Dehydrating
  • Flash Freezing using liquid nitrogen
  • Slicing, Peeling, Shredding, Dicing
  • Centrifuge Drying
  • Washing and Sanitizing

Commercial Kitchen

  • Conventional Cooking over gas open flame
  • Cooking in industrial Tilting Kettles
  • Cooking in dual Convection Ovens
  • Sauté or Steam Vegetables in a tilting skillet


  • Vacuum packaging
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Heat sealed pouches
  • Semi-automatic filling of containers from 50 ml - 4.5 L
  • Product pasteurization and cooling

Conference Room

Clients and community members to wish to use the facility for meeting, training or another event have access to a projector, sound system, wifi, and seating for approximately 30 people.

Product Development Lab

  • Quality Control Lab
  • Food Technologists available

Specialty Product Processing

  • Pelletizing food products (hops, bran, etc.)
  • Processing corn and sorghum

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